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Safe Natural Refrigerant Systems

CO2 doesn’t require the level of regulatory complexity that accompanies other natural refrigerants, such as ammonia, which is harmful even at low levels of exposure. Transcritical CO2 systems are the safest option to minimize risk.

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Reliable Natural Refrigerant Systems

The world’s safest natural refrigerant meets world-class design with our engineered-to-order systems meticulously designed for your operation. With capacities from 170 kBTU to 40+ MBTU, we’ve got you covered with systems that stand the test of time.

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Serviceable Natural Refrigerant Systems

CO2 Refrigeration Systems is your trusted partner for cost-effective systems designed through the lens of first-hand field experience. Our engineering team comes from field service roles, so the value of serviceability is core to our designs.

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Efficient Natural Refrigerant Systems

CO2 has unmatched longevity compared to its chemical refrigerant alternatives that break down (fractionate) over time. Once fractionation begins, there is a sustained impact to system efficiency—an issue that's eliminated with non-caustic CO2.

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Transcritical Racks

CO2 Booster Refrigeration

Transcritical Racks

Our future-proof transcritical racks rely on CO2 as a natural refrigerant for lower total cost of ownership and increased longevity compared to traditional refrigerants. 

  • Cooling capacities from 170 kBTU/hr (50 kW) to 40 MBTU/hr (11.7 MW) and beyond
  • Pressure ratings include 870 PSIG (60 bar), 1,305 PSIG (90 bar) and 1,740 PSIG (120 bar)
  • Process cooling, blast freezing and integrated HVAC/R for industrial & commercial applications
Gas Coolers


Transcritical CO2

Gas Coolers

We procure rack-compatible, engineered-to-order CO2 gas coolers with high-efficiency adiabatic cooling capabilities to enhance system performance compared to traditional condensers required for ammonia and Freon. 

  • Designed for pressures up to 1,740 PSIG (120 bar)
  • Equipped with the latest axial EC fan technology for maximum energy efficiency
  • Fins of heat exchanger coils are epoxy-coated for optimal protection
CO2 Packaged Refrigeration Units

LT & MT Applications

CO2 Packaged Refrigeration Units

CRS offers outdoor CO2 packaged refrigeration units combining our transcritical racks with a compatible gas cooler for one convenient skid designed as a simplified cold storage solution. 

  • Standardized 60 bar designs for dual LT & MT applications
  • Option of 60-ton or 90-ton packaged unit
  • Units presized to suit your facility 
CO2 Liquid Overfeed Systems


Spiral Freezers & Blast Chillers

CO2 Liquid Overfeed Systems

CRS’ liquid overfeed systems provide superior temperature control for blast chilling and spiral freezer applications compared to glycol refrigeration systems. CO2 quickly manipulates thermal energy to reach precise temperatures. 

  • Cooling capacities from 170 kBTU/hr (50 kW) to 1.71 MBTU/hr (500 kW)
  • Pressure ratings include 870 PSIG (60 bar), 1,305 PSIG (90 bar) and 1,740 PSIG (120 bar)
  • Option to add ASME-certified storage vessel to store more liquid and maximize system productivity

CO2’s Superiority by the Numbers

With proven performance using CO2—the world's safest natural refrigerant—our systems offer world-class safety, reliability and efficiency. Check, check and check. At CRS, thinking outside the box is the best way to check all the boxes.


Freon’s high Global Warming Potential compared to CO2’s baseline GWP of 1


Less expensive system charge compared to traditional refrigerants


CO2’s grade of heat doubles that of traditional refrigerants for more efficient heat transfer


Pending regulations limiting the long-term use of CO2 refrigeration systems

Future Proof & Protect Your Business

Compared to systems using ammonia or traditional refrigerants, CO2 offers a number of advantages to increase reliability while reducing total cost of ownership. Plus, CO2 isn’t susceptible to the same regulatory requirements facing ammonia and Freon as countries crackdown on toxins worldwide.


Due to the caustic nature of ammonia, the inevitable corrosion of seals and gaskets as well as internal cavitation leads to shutdowns and outages for compressor rebuilds. CO2 is not caustic, so outages are less frequent, allowing for continued system integrity to keep your customers happy.

Reliable & Risk-Averse

CO2 is non-toxic, chemically stable and PFAS-free. We design systems through the lens of first-hand field experience, so the values of safety and serviceability are core to our designs. Count on our transcritical CO2 systems to maximize operational safety and minimize regulatory risk.