Our CO2 Refrigeration Systems for Industrial & Commercial Use

CO2 Refrigeration Systems (CRS) is the trusted supplier of CO2 refrigeration units throughout North America. Our team has designed, manufactured, serviced and consulted on transcritical CO2 systems across the globe, gaining decades of industry experience. Our systems are engineered to your operational needs for maximum safety, reliability, serviceability and efficiency. Explore our offerings below to see how CO2 can improve your industrial and commercial refrigeration processes.

CO2 Transcritical Racks

Our CO2 transcritical racks are designed to safely use CO2 as a working fluid in high-pressure, high-ambient conditions. In fact, CO2 is the safest natural refrigerant in the world. CRS offers the ultimate performance for industry-leading longevity, efficiency and safety in process cooling, blast freezing and integrated HVAC/R.

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CO2 Gas Coolers

When you come to CRS for a CO2 transcritical rack, we’re happy to specify and supply a compatible gas cooler (i.e. heat exchanger). Our CO2 gas coolers come equipped with adiabatic kits to extend your operating envelope and achieve maximum efficiency in any ambient environment.

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CO2 Packaged Refrigeration Units

CRS offers packaged refrigeration units combining our CO2 transcritical racks with our gas coolers to consolidate a transcritical refrigeration system into one compact outdoor unit. Optimal for both LT and MT cold storage applications, our CO2 packaged units simplify installation and serviceability. Our combined systems allow for superior space utilization for industrial facilities.

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CO2 Liquid Overfeed Systems

Using CO2 as the sole working fluid in liquid overfeed systems allows for more precise temperature control, compact sizing, minimized heat exchange losses and lower total cost of ownership over time compared to glycol refrigeration systems. Traditional liquid overfeed systems typically require a cascade design with glycol and ammonia working together for liquid recirculation. In our CO2 liquid overfeed systems, CO2 is the sole refrigerant for more cost-effective, efficient operations for industrial spiral and blast freezers.

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Whether you’re curious about the benefits of CO2 as a working fluid or seeking proven systems for reliable performance, CRS is eager to speak with you about CO2 refrigeration systems. Get in touch with our team below, and we’ll help you get started today.

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